To awaken your long-dead Christmas spirit from its slumber, the Brothers Denton — along with the help of some of their friends — indulge in quite a bit of spiked eggnog and bring to you their first (and most assuredly last) scripted Christmas special!  Listen in as, with the assistance of comedian Brandon T. Gorin, Stevo of Friday Night Fanfiction, and Kate from the Hazard County Hellions, five half-brained fools stumble through a badly-written script in the “spirit” of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Join in on the fun as they trundle through their lines, actively make fun of each other’s elementary-school level performances, and scream as loudly as they can into the microphones.  Embark on a journey through past, present, and future that will surely make you sick to your stomach while you simultaneously wonder, “Why do I even bother listening to these bumbling morons anymore?”