Only a few days away from an early spring camping trip, the Brothers Denton are joined by their loyal friend Sean of DC Brau — and his dogs — to scare the piss out of each other before an excursion into Burkettsville, MD., home of the Blair Witch Project.  In this episode we toss every topic we possibly can against the wall and see what sticks: we discuss Sean’s hate for musical theatre, Pee-Wee Herman, weird shit like the Toynbee tiles and the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion of 1987, and a bunch of other stuff that freaked the living hell out of us when we were stupid little kids.  Oh, and robots.  As promised in the previous episode, we all share our legitimate terror of robots, knowing full well that human misapplication of artificial intelligence will undoubtedly lead to the demise of the human race.  Also, only losers end up stopping the podcast early, so make sure you crank this idiot thing up to top volume near the end.

(Music Credits: “Unsolved Mysteries Theme” by Gary Malkin.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)