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35 – We’re Three Idiots (Clustercast)

If you think you could handle two of us at the same time, how about you try three of us?  This is the worst threesome in history.  Bob, Rance, and their sister Lithia get together to talk about a lot of totally unrelated things: Bob reflects on his time at Adam Savage’s Brain Candy; Lithia praises John Wick; Rance was a total idiot and bought bad games.  An alternative title for this episode could be “Chex Mix: The Episode,” but you’ll find out why on your own.  Follow us along for some more bitching about Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, Moms, jobs, and more.  Also, Lithia takes us to That Level when she decides it’s time to share the sound of her body with the world.


34 – Here Comes Bob, the Famous Man (Clustercast)

That’s right!  Bob is now famous, and it’s up to you to listen to this podcast and find out why (Secret: It’s not nearly as famous as you think, and not for any actually good reason).  This episode features our friend Mike and his comedic stylings as he desperately tries to keep his big brain up with our interminable stupidity.  Hold our hands and leap off with us into conversations about The Long Dark Let’s Plays, Garth Ennis and Alan Moore (again with the gerbils), the Alien series, Prometheus, Adam Savage’s Brain Candy tour, Robocop, and more!  This weeks very special feature involves Bob readily some really sexy fiction from the Mass Effect universe, and John Carmack’s Twitter makes another very special appearance.  Can’t get enough?  Neither can we.  Deal with it.

(Music Credits: “Emo Trump” as featured on SuperDeluxe.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)


33 – Bob’s a Single Kind of Man (Clustercast)

If he’s not, well, he’ll probably be after his girlfriend Tara realizes that we just spent most of this episode making fun of her painful lack of nerd knowledge.  After we get off to a confusing and infuriating start, Tara expresses her desire to see all nerds deported to their parents’ basement.  We discuss (read: interrogate and belittle) her love of butt rock and Shinedown, and then proceed to somehow compare that to the music of Wizards and Warriors II: Ironsword.  Join us as we go deep, deep, deep down the rabbithole of utter bullshit and make up a bunch of Star Wars facts on the fly to test her frightfully small understanding of all things dork!


32 – It’s All About J*zz, Vowel Variable (Clustercast)

If you think we’re talking about bodily fluids, you’re wrong, you pervert.  This episode, we’re joined by our friend Matt who helps us leap into the musical no man’s land of the Star Wars universe, where we talk all about George Lucas’s biggest mistake, kloo horns, rat tails, ploong sounders, and…jizz?  Your children can absolutely listen to this episode (your children can absolutely not listen to this episode).  As usual, going into a podcast without a plan succeeds famously: Star Wars leads into Minecraft leads into talking about Insane Clown Posse, much to our regret, and other magical topics that will either knock your socks off or send you rushing to the corner for a highly dangerous drug high.  Also, Rance cries.


31 – We Go Rogue: Star Wars, The Sims, and All Our Friends (Clustercast)

Of course you’ve gone to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Of course you loved it, because you’re either a living, breathing, functioning human being or a lump of cheese given, by way of a clever ruse, some semblance of human-like feeling.  It seems everybody loved it.  Including half of us.  On this episode, Bob and Rance are joined by Rance’s Wife and Invisible Ninja Darby for two-and-a-half hours of arguing, coffee-drinking, unbridled anger, stories about what psychopaths do to their Sims, and of course, an overly-long retrospective on that weird movie that obviously killed Carrie Fisher, because who needs real live people when you can just create them all (awkwardly) out of computers and have them do all the things that humans really do?


29 – Bob Ross and the Insufferable Butt-Trio (Clustercast)

For well over two hours, Bob and Rance — along wth their comedian sort-of-friend Brandon T. Gorin (his Instagram game goes hard: — break down all the nuance, the beauty, the theory, and the madness that is Bob Ross and his long-running PBS series The Joy of Painting.  We literally chose to devote almost an entire episode to this.  Brandon recalls his recent near-mugging; Rance reflects on his recent trip to England.  Also included: an argument about Now You See Me 2 (also known to some as Now You Don’t), disturbing things heard at Wal-Mart, and old gym class memories.  At some point, we argue about television spin-offs, too.  Or maybe Bob argues about them.  Who knows.

(Music Credits: “The Joy of Painting Theme” by Larry Owens.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

24 – White Noise and Creepy Robots: Only Listen in the Dark (Clustercast)

Only a few days away from an early spring camping trip, the Brothers Denton are joined by their loyal friend Sean of DC Brau — and his dogs — to scare the piss out of each other before an excursion into Burkettsville, MD., home of the Blair Witch Project.  In this episode we toss every topic we possibly can against the wall and see what sticks: we discuss Sean’s hate for musical theatre, Pee-Wee Herman, weird shit like the Toynbee tiles and the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion of 1987, and a bunch of other stuff that freaked the living hell out of us when we were stupid little kids.  Oh, and robots.  As promised in the previous episode, we all share our legitimate terror of robots, knowing full well that human misapplication of artificial intelligence will undoubtedly lead to the demise of the human race.  Also, only losers end up stopping the podcast early, so make sure you crank this idiot thing up to top volume near the end.

(Music Credits: “Unsolved Mysteries Theme” by Gary Malkin.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)



17 – The Brothers Denton HoloDay Special (Clustercast)

To awaken your long-dead Christmas spirit from its slumber, the Brothers Denton — along with the help of some of their friends — indulge in quite a bit of spiked eggnog and bring to you their first (and most assuredly last) scripted Christmas special!  Listen in as, with the assistance of comedian Brandon T. Gorin, Stevo of Friday Night Fanfiction, and Kate from the Hazard County Hellions, five half-brained fools stumble through a badly-written script in the “spirit” of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Join in on the fun as they trundle through their lines, actively make fun of each other’s elementary-school level performances, and scream as loudly as they can into the microphones.  Embark on a journey through past, present, and future that will surely make you sick to your stomach while you simultaneously wonder, “Why do I even bother listening to these bumbling morons anymore?”


15 – Captain America, Batman vs. Superman, and Fallout (Clustercast)

Some episodes don’t have much direction — just like this one! This week, the Brothers Denton are joined by Rance’s wife Katie (an insufferable nerd in her own right and a member of the Hazard County Hellions) to discuss various topics in movies, comic-book movies, games, space-games, asteroids, 80’s metal, orbiting, Fallout 4, Bob’s old baja-style pull-over, bad nicknames, and a whirlwind of other nonsensical B.S. We briefly discuss our opinions of the trailers for Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but quickly fall back into cheap tricks like shouting at the top of our lungs and letting the cat usurp the microphone. We banter about our current reading (R.A. Salvatore’s Archmage, The Wicked + The Divine, and Saga), and spend a good amount of our time reflecting upon a few movies that we truly despise.

(Music credits: “Anything Goes” by Cole Porter.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

12 – Army of Darkness: Beer and Boomsticks (Clustercast)

The Brothers Denton kick back with Sean from Washington, D.C. brewery D.C. Brau to talk about beer and Army of Darkness.  Well before that happens, though, we go on a tangential discussion about The Martian, picking apart the merits and the weaknesses of both the book and the film.  Rance gets gradually drunk; Bob and Sean make lots of noise on the table with their beer cans and their big sausage fingers.  Then, we each examine what we love (and a little of what we hate, though what is there really to hate?) about Army of Darkness for our last episode before our discussion of the new Starz series, Ash vs. Evil Dead.


7 – Happy Birthday Rupert Grint! (Clustercast)

…or Emma Watson.  Or maybe it’s Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday.  We’re not sure, so we decide to have a second Clustercast featuring some dicknerd named Tyler.  To celebrate the lovely birthdays of some of our favorite actors, we decide to talk all about D-Rad.  We discuss some of the differences between the U.S. and U.K. versions of the Victor Frankenstein trailer, and then mumble about Mary Shelley, Equus, and My Boy Jack.  Afterward, we dreamcast Daniel Radcliffe into some of our favorite movie franchises and roles.  Bob performs some deep equations regarding things that nerds love; Rance confuses Run DMC with Bobby Brown; Tyler discovers his true voice as a celebrity.  But really, all in all, Happy Birthday, Thunderpants.  This podcast’s for you.


6 – Fear the Walking Dead (Clustercast)

The Brothers Denton feature their first Clustercast, i.e., the usual crapfest with an additional guest: Tyler, our local “expert” (note the quotes) on The Walking Dead and straight-edge extraordinaire.  The trio rolls their hesitation and excitement for the upcoming premiere of Fear the Walking Dead into a single incomprehensible ball of loud noise.  Bob admits his mediocrity as a member of the Harry Potter wizarding world.  Machine-gun topics: Magic-kids; is butterbeer alcoholic?; being physically inside Harry Potter.  Moving on, we touch upon general trepidation regarding FTWD as a spin-off and predictions for the sixth season as well.  We also discuss potential character fates and — somehow — get sucked into an inadvertent back-and-forth about Doctor Who.  Somehow, we end up talking about stupid Jon Snow, and George R.R. Martin makes a guest appearance.