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8 – Gender and Race in Comic Books

Amid the terror of some inexplicable echo effect, our first points of interest in this episode dance briefly between reflections on Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Bob’s dedication to his diet, and Rance’s Summon! LootCrate.  Topics jump back and forth between Fear the Walking Dead (come on, it’s really not all that good, you guys) and racial identity in comic books and comic book-related media.  This, in turn, forces us to get a little serious about the subject of race (come on, nerds; we’re a diverse society now) and the appeal (or lack thereof) of comic books to a their intended audience.  The Genetically Superior Spider-Man is unveiled, and the Penguin Yellow Duck is exhumed from the shallow grave of our childhood memories.


2 – Snacks and Their Super Heroes

We discuss spending lots of money on comic books that we haven’t read and simultaneously refuse to mute the microphone when burping.  Shallow discussions ensue about Marvel’s Secret Wars and D.C.’s Convergence (which neither of us have read).  We commence a short discussion of the difference between Jason Vorhees and Roy, and we find out about another thing Bob hates.  Eventually, we crawl toward the point of the episode: we decide to nauseate ourselves with the Lays Do Us A Flavor chips and thinly veil our desire to eat something disgusting with a game in which we associate flavors with the super heroes who might love them.