What’cha gonna do when the Brothers Denton run wild on you?  This episode is filled with more bullshit than a cow’s lower intestine.  Join us as Bob laments the passing of his favorite television and gets touchy-feely about inspiration, and then stay for Rance’s shameful admission as he admits a relapse of unfathomably massive proportions.  Note to our fans: if you have gross, mangled, claw-like nerd-hands, you may be offended if you listen to this episode all the way through.  Maybe we talk a little bit about Deadpool.  We slalom our way through topics like Demolition Man, superblood, our father’s crippling inability to pronounce WWE wrestlers’ names, the new joke called Ghostbusters, James Cameron’s terrible Avatar, John Goodman’s award-winning performance in id Software’s Rage (or 10 Cloverfield Lane, in actuality), dumb mechs and their dumb Bowie knives, Terminator 2, and — last but not least — Super Russian Roulette, which Bob thinks you should back on Kickstarter because you’re probably a sick bastard in need of a good time.


(Music Credits: “Ghostbusters Theme” by B.A.M.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)