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13 – AvED: We Finally Made It!

That’s right — we finally made it to the end of our Spooktacular!  In this, the conclusion of our October Extravaganza Halloween Excitement Fun-Time Festival of Wonder, the Brothers from the Same Mother reflect upon their viewing of the first episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead.  The verdict is in: it was totally great and probably better than anything else you’ve ever seen.  Somehow, before we touch upon all the Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi splendor, we get sidetracked into conversations about Bob’s Hulk-Out! Halloween (spoiler: he never breaks things or turns green), and Rance’s rediscovered love for a thing called reading.

(Music credits: “The Time is Now” by John Cena.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

12 – Army of Darkness: Beer and Boomsticks (Clustercast)

The Brothers Denton kick back with Sean from Washington, D.C. brewery D.C. Brau to talk about beer and Army of Darkness.  Well before that happens, though, we go on a tangential discussion about The Martian, picking apart the merits and the weaknesses of both the book and the film.  Rance gets gradually drunk; Bob and Sean make lots of noise on the table with their beer cans and their big sausage fingers.  Then, we each examine what we love (and a little of what we hate, though what is there really to hate?) about Army of Darkness for our last episode before our discussion of the new Starz series, Ash vs. Evil Dead.


10 – The Evil Dead: A Crappy Retrospective

Love Evil Dead?  So do we.  The Brothers Denton kick off an eventful October 2015 by starting off a series of podcasts leading up to the Halloween premiere of Ash vs. The Evil Dead.  This week, we embark on analytical movie-boy talks about the first film in Ash’s journey, what we love about it, what we dislike (Scott, Scott, and Scott), and whether or not it still holds up as a memorable piece of cinema.  Before that, though, our recording gets off to a bit of a rough start, and Bob admits to having spent fifteen hours preparing himself for the week in what may take the cake for the most pathetic and awesome Insufferable Nerd Thing to date.  Also, we scream a lot about bridges, about dumb characters, and about party-poopers.