Listen in as we lay out the plans for our (very sad) futures, including our desires to move off to a “remote” island for the rest of our insignificant lives.  A little bit of discussion about music ensues, and we get problematically serious about our reflections on Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which — in pure Denton fashion — we just managed to finish up over the holiday break.  Then, for the rest of the podcast, we take author Larry Correia‘s blog statement about an “in development” Monster Hunter: International television series, based on his badass novels, to an unforgivable height of geekery: we decide who we think would be perfect casting choices for the sprawling cast of characters in his urban fantasy series.  It’s sort of like playing dress-up with real people’s skin by placing them ontop of imaginary characters.  Or something like that.  Some spoilers are abound, so if you’re not caught up on the books, you probably should do that first.