This episode marks the Brothers’ further descent into the depths of Interminably Long Podcast Hell.  Self-control is impossible; we spend a great deal of this episode lamenting our Insufferable Nerd Thing of the Week: namely, a highly-regrettable viewing of some of the animated X-Men cartoon from the 1990s.  Our idiocy doesn’t stop there, though; in our rage, we accidentally refer to Professor X as “Doctor X” (seriously, what?), but who cares, because the X-Men suck anyway — especially because of their actual names.  Finally, we steer toward the main point of this episode, specifically our distaste with Joel Hodgson’s crowd-funded Mystery Science Theater 3000 campaign.  Is it an abuse of the crowd-funding model?  Do our opinions matter?  (Answer: No.)  You won’t agree with us.  Also, Bob yells.

(Music credits: X-Men the Animated Series opening theme; “Requiem for the Gods” from the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST; “Sabotage” by  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)