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6 – Fear the Walking Dead (Clustercast)

The Brothers Denton feature their first Clustercast, i.e., the usual crapfest with an additional guest: Tyler, our local “expert” (note the quotes) on The Walking Dead and straight-edge extraordinaire.  The trio rolls their hesitation and excitement for the upcoming premiere of Fear the Walking Dead into a single incomprehensible ball of loud noise.  Bob admits his mediocrity as a member of the Harry Potter wizarding world.  Machine-gun topics: Magic-kids; is butterbeer alcoholic?; being physically inside Harry Potter.  Moving on, we touch upon general trepidation regarding FTWD as a spin-off and predictions for the sixth season as well.  We also discuss potential character fates and — somehow — get sucked into an inadvertent back-and-forth about Doctor Who.  Somehow, we end up talking about stupid Jon Snow, and George R.R. Martin makes a guest appearance.


5 – Ernest Cline, Evil Dead, and Mouse Poison

Loneliness and old age reveals itself with Bob’s Insufferable Nerd Thing of the Week, while Rance admits his frightfully underwhelming lack of knowledge about Evil Dead, especially with Ash vs. The Evil Dead on the horizon.  Over the course of one minute, Rance expresses his inarticulate disdain for Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.  Other book-related topics include Armada and The Dresden Files’ Working for Bigfoot.  After, the boys reflect upon better-left-forgotten memories of World of Warcraft.  Various topics (dubbed “shit”) are thrown at the wall otherwise.  Astronaut ice-cream, Rance’s wife’s laughter, and Rance’s impatience and anger round off the end of the episode before The Brothers Denton realize they’ve actually said nothing of importance.


4 – True Detective Season 2 and The Amazing Chad Velcro

The Brothers embark on a journey through a forest of “So”s and “Um”s with the desire to bring you the highest possible quality podcast. Bob reveals deeply sore subjects; meanwhile, he brings another Manpurse gift (and it is not an old comedian’s corpse). Before we leap into our wrap-up for season two of True Detective, we derail ourselves with discussion of ballistics and blank-firing weapons in movies and television and act like we know a lot more than we actually do. The conclusion is reached that we know none of the characters’ names, but we reflect upon the adventures of Chad Velcro, Sr., Bad Gambit/Adrenaline Detective, pregnancy, boring gun-fights, and the ups-and-downs of the season.


3 – TWD and MH:A; Art and Voice Actors

We begin with a small game of What’s In Bob’s Masculine Purse, and the suspense is palpable.  Bob uses his iPad like a modern man.  We discuss what we are currently reading, including The Walking Dead and Monster Hunter Alpha.  There is some talk about the changing of artists in comics and how unsettling it can be to notice how some artboys artboy differently than other artboys.  Likewise, we briefly blabber about various voice talents in audiobooks, specifically Stephen Frye (Harry Potter), James Marsters (The Dresden Files), and Oliver Wyman (Monster Hunter International).  Also, we come to the conclusion that people who dislike the Harry Potter series are inhumane meatbags.


2 – Snacks and Their Super Heroes

We discuss spending lots of money on comic books that we haven’t read and simultaneously refuse to mute the microphone when burping.  Shallow discussions ensue about Marvel’s Secret Wars and D.C.’s Convergence (which neither of us have read).  We commence a short discussion of the difference between Jason Vorhees and Roy, and we find out about another thing Bob hates.  Eventually, we crawl toward the point of the episode: we decide to nauseate ourselves with the Lays Do Us A Flavor chips and thinly veil our desire to eat something disgusting with a game in which we associate flavors with the super heroes who might love them.


1 – The Brothers’ Maiden Voyage

The Brothers Denton — Bob and Rance — babble incessantly, empowered by modern technology and one very unfortunate microphone that drew the shortest straw.  In this episode, we introduce ourselves and our love for comic books, movies, and video games (not including The Big Bang Theory; you find out what Bob thinks about that particular gem).  We offer a multitude of excuses for our lack of knowledge about those things for which we express adoration; likewise, we verbally amble on without direction or organization.  There is some awkward laughter.  We agree very loudly with one another and sometimes repeat what the other’s already said.  You will be amused.  Or you will think it’s just trash.