Sometimes you just have to go on a quest into the darkest recesses of literary trash, and Bob and Rance are prepared to do just that.  In this episode, embark with us on a journey that’ll kidnap over an hour of time that you can never get back!  We read each other a select R.A. Montgomery Choose Your Own Adventure book and dare to summon forth daring spider-filled pits, mysterious caverns, and dread castles with which to terrorize one another (note: none of these things are actually featured).  We make the tough choices and dare the fetid drivel of the 1980s so you don’t have to!  Kick back and prepare for insurmountable disappointment as we bring these timeless stories to life (read: foolishly bumble our way through the tales while incessantly bitching and complaining about how ridiculous they and illogical they are).

(Music credits: “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” by Rockapella.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)