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29 – Bob Ross and the Insufferable Butt-Trio (Clustercast)

For well over two hours, Bob and Rance — along wth their comedian sort-of-friend Brandon T. Gorin (his Instagram game goes hard: https://www.instagram.com/brandongorin/) — break down all the nuance, the beauty, the theory, and the madness that is Bob Ross and his long-running PBS series The Joy of Painting.  We literally chose to devote almost an entire episode to this.  Brandon recalls his recent near-mugging; Rance reflects on his recent trip to England.  Also included: an argument about Now You See Me 2 (also known to some as Now You Don’t), disturbing things heard at Wal-Mart, and old gym class memories.  At some point, we argue about television spin-offs, too.  Or maybe Bob argues about them.  Who knows.

(Music Credits: “The Joy of Painting Theme” by Larry Owens.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

28 – Sighs: The Episode; or, We Jaw About Doom

Doom is out, and it’s really great.  If you’re not in complete agreement with that opinion, just go find somewhere else to spend your time (actually don’t do that, we really need you, please come back).  The Brothers Denton manage to cram a whole bunch of topics into the very beginning — the competition show Face/Off, Pauldrons: The Movie, and celebrity addiction.  Afterward, we dedicate over an hour to John Carmack, John Romero, old Doom, new Doom, and, of course, Turbo Ferraris.  For a fun game, count how many times Bob sighs in this episode.  For some reason he sounds like a dumb miserable baby.


(Music Credits: “Running from Evil” from Doom II by Bobby Prince.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

27 – Part 2: A Huge (Unplanned) Episode of Everything

Ever been to an Indian food restaurant where a church choir practice is happening?  We hadn’t either.  Until the other day.  We start Part 2 reflecting on some sound clips from the strangest meal we’ve ever eaten.  After it’s done, a game of What’s In Bob’s Masculine Purse? should clean your tongue like pickled ginger.  Rance gabs some about the upcoming Evil Hat Dresden Files cooperative card-game, and in a complete reversal, he challenges Bob’s frighteningly-sick knowledge of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for PS1.  Afterward, we talk a little about Kevin Cook, owner of the world’s largest dice collection, a conversation which gets intensely moronic (and potentially hypocritical).  We end this episode with some talk on Game of Thrones season 6 and take you out with a track from Mega Ran.

(Music Credits: “Aria of the Boodline” by Mega Ran.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

26 – Part 1: A Huge (Unplanned) Episode of Everything

You know you’re about to hear a quality podcast when we start with a quick discussion about Night Court.  Rance has some sad pet anecdotes again, Bob rants about Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and then there’s a quick game of What’s In Rance’s Knock-Off Ikea Bag.  Bob talks about his recent reading of some of The Punisher comics, as well as some of Marvel’s Daredevil from over the past twenty years.  We bounce around to Captain America: Civil War, some other television series, and our pre-release fears of Bethesda and id software’s new installment of Doom (spoiler: it was obviously released because this is an old podcast and it’s actually great).  There’s a weird quiz where Bob plays Doom midis and Rance has to guess what episode and level they’re from.  And that’s only one-half of the episode!


(Music Credits: “Night Court Theme” by Jack Elliott.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

25 – Late to the Game, Never Lame

It’s been awhile, but the Brothers Denton aren’t dead; rather, they’re just hibernating, being distracted from their one true love in life — podcasting (that’s a lie) — by work, life, and laziness.  Join us for our camping aftermath, when we talk about bear survival and body stains.  Then, some discussion about steampunk culture, “chappers,” and the Burton and Swinburne novels by Mark Hodder.  Rance has some strongly negative feelings about that lump of crap known as The Revenant.  More bear survival points.  Then, after some talk about Creed, Bob writes a letter to Rocky Balboa’s best friend Paulie, and then begins to scream about Chris Hardwick and The Walking Dead.  Other topics include Negan, Garth Ennis, Daredevil season 2, The Punisher, and more!  We missed you.  We always miss you.  These kisses are for you.

(Music Credits: “Chap-Hop History” by Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

23 – Deadpool; That Crappy Ghostbusters Trailer; Lots of Yelling

What’cha gonna do when the Brothers Denton run wild on you?  This episode is filled with more bullshit than a cow’s lower intestine.  Join us as Bob laments the passing of his favorite television and gets touchy-feely about inspiration, and then stay for Rance’s shameful admission as he admits a relapse of unfathomably massive proportions.  Note to our fans: if you have gross, mangled, claw-like nerd-hands, you may be offended if you listen to this episode all the way through.  Maybe we talk a little bit about Deadpool.  We slalom our way through topics like Demolition Man, superblood, our father’s crippling inability to pronounce WWE wrestlers’ names, the new joke called Ghostbusters, James Cameron’s terrible Avatar, John Goodman’s award-winning performance in id Software’s Rage (or 10 Cloverfield Lane, in actuality), dumb mechs and their dumb Bowie knives, Terminator 2, and — last but not least — Super Russian Roulette, which Bob thinks you should back on Kickstarter because you’re probably a sick bastard in need of a good time.


(Music Credits: “Ghostbusters Theme” by B.A.M.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

22 – Armada; or, It’s a Small [D&D] World After All

In a catch-up episode that follows their previous catch-up episode, the Brothers start talking out about the things that matter the most: water, sippy cups, little baby snacky-yogurt puffs, Better Call Saul, FX’s Fargo, and stupid Adrian Brody.  There’s some talk in there about the new X-Files miniseries, but we mostly talk about Mitch Pileggi’s washed-up career.  Speaking of dumb nerd references, Bob ends up dutifully picking apart the first chapter of Ernest Cline’s Armada (that seems familiar) and pointing out every terrible 80s/geek allusion stuffed into the first twenty-some minutes of the book.  Afterward, as Bob makes a “profound” observation about the nature of half-blood races in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Rance subsequently goes off the rails and completely alienates every little person-listener there may be out there.  After you’re done getting pissed at that, be sure to check out Bob’s Kickstarter of the Week:  the Rocketbook Wave: Cloud Connected Microwavable Notebook.

(Music Credits: “Short People” by Randy Newman and “X-Files Theme” by Mark Snow and Mike Oldfield.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

21 – Cartoons and Quizzes: The Good, The Bad, and the Commodore 64

A heartfelt reflection on death begins this episode, and because everybody needs a contingency plan in place, the Brothers Denton vaguely discuss their suicide pact. Because we’re not perfect, we have a few moments of self-doubt as we talk about our recent reading choices; our Mom watched Mad Max: Fury Road and had some opinions; Pauldrons: The Movie comes up, and we get a little bit pissed about that, too. Rance ends up testing Bob’s knowledge with a few CickHole quizzes, but Bob returns fire by bringing a Harry Potter quiz of his own to the table as well as another round of What’s In Bob’s Man-Purse? Afterward, we discuss the depth (and mostly the terrible-ness) of some of our favorite cartoon shows: James Bond, Jr. (awful), Muppet Babies (it’s actually pretty great), He-Man (it’s phenomenal, okay?), and Nickelodeon shows of the 90s (Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life). Before we’re done, Bob talks about his favorite Kickstarter campaign of the week: Commodore 64: A Visual Compendium (Second Edition).

(Music Credits: “James Bond, Jr. Theme” by Dennis C. Brown and Larry Brown.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

20 – Sleep sweetly, David Bowie; Eat it, Boba Fett

David Bowie’s dead, and it’s such a damn shame.  Sure, we could have talked about the normal crap, but we decided to take a week-long detour and instead spend this episode reflecting upon the accomplishments of one of the greatest artists ever to draw breath.  After an unfortunate bout of bodyphlegm and “Yakety Sax,” the Brothers Denton explore their formative years as lil’ tyke Bowiebois, discuss some of their favorite offerings in the Starman’s discography, and then divert from the usual topical path to make infantile references to parts of their bodies — or parts of other people’s bodies.  Among our Insufferable Nerd Things of the week: people who whine about The Revenant’s historical inaccuracy (stop it, picky babies), Neil Gaiman books, and Bob’s anger over the sort-of fake first episode of the last season of Mythbusters.  Be sure to stick around to the end, when Bob tells the world what he would actually want from a Boba Fett movie.


(Music credits: “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph; samples of “Let’s Dance” by David Bowe.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

19 – Dreamcasting Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter

Listen in as we lay out the plans for our (very sad) futures, including our desires to move off to a “remote” island for the rest of our insignificant lives.  A little bit of discussion about music ensues, and we get problematically serious about our reflections on Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which — in pure Denton fashion — we just managed to finish up over the holiday break.  Then, for the rest of the podcast, we take author Larry Correia‘s blog statement about an “in development” Monster Hunter: International television series, based on his badass novels, to an unforgivable height of geekery: we decide who we think would be perfect casting choices for the sprawling cast of characters in his urban fantasy series.  It’s sort of like playing dress-up with real people’s skin by placing them ontop of imaginary characters.  Or something like that.  Some spoilers are abound, so if you’re not caught up on the books, you probably should do that first.


16 – We’re Too Dumb for MST3K

This episode marks the Brothers’ further descent into the depths of Interminably Long Podcast Hell.  Self-control is impossible; we spend a great deal of this episode lamenting our Insufferable Nerd Thing of the Week: namely, a highly-regrettable viewing of some of the animated X-Men cartoon from the 1990s.  Our idiocy doesn’t stop there, though; in our rage, we accidentally refer to Professor X as “Doctor X” (seriously, what?), but who cares, because the X-Men suck anyway — especially because of their actual names.  Finally, we steer toward the main point of this episode, specifically our distaste with Joel Hodgson’s crowd-funded Mystery Science Theater 3000 campaign.  Is it an abuse of the crowd-funding model?  Do our opinions matter?  (Answer: No.)  You won’t agree with us.  Also, Bob yells.

(Music credits: X-Men the Animated Series opening theme; “Requiem for the Gods” from the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST; “Sabotage” by Depagumi.inc.  All songs and rights belong to their respective owners.)

11 – Evil Dead 2: Yippee Ki-Yay!

Our October continues on with our episode about Evil Dead 2, i.e., the strange and ugly and wonderful thread that connects Evil Dead to Army of Darkness.  Before we get into that, though, we adventure into very brief discussion about Arrow, The Flash, the 90s Flash, Bryan Cranston’s reading of The Things They Carried, and some vidya gaems.  Then, we venture into a sloppy back-and-forth about Evil Dead 2, its merits, its weaknesses, and conclude that it’s just a really, really, really weird movie.  Finally, a listener lets us know what she thinks of our previous episode, and we poorly deflect accusations of having tiny penises by shooting back our own brand of stuttery, ill-informed retribution.


4 – True Detective Season 2 and The Amazing Chad Velcro

The Brothers embark on a journey through a forest of “So”s and “Um”s with the desire to bring you the highest possible quality podcast. Bob reveals deeply sore subjects; meanwhile, he brings another Manpurse gift (and it is not an old comedian’s corpse). Before we leap into our wrap-up for season two of True Detective, we derail ourselves with discussion of ballistics and blank-firing weapons in movies and television and act like we know a lot more than we actually do. The conclusion is reached that we know none of the characters’ names, but we reflect upon the adventures of Chad Velcro, Sr., Bad Gambit/Adrenaline Detective, pregnancy, boring gun-fights, and the ups-and-downs of the season.


3 – TWD and MH:A; Art and Voice Actors

We begin with a small game of What’s In Bob’s Masculine Purse, and the suspense is palpable.  Bob uses his iPad like a modern man.  We discuss what we are currently reading, including The Walking Dead and Monster Hunter Alpha.  There is some talk about the changing of artists in comics and how unsettling it can be to notice how some artboys artboy differently than other artboys.  Likewise, we briefly blabber about various voice talents in audiobooks, specifically Stephen Frye (Harry Potter), James Marsters (The Dresden Files), and Oliver Wyman (Monster Hunter International).  Also, we come to the conclusion that people who dislike the Harry Potter series are inhumane meatbags.